Microsoft Surface Mouse : “Precision” a must for used with your PROCV template

22 October 2017| Simon

To make a perfect resume, nothing beats a precise tool such as an ergonomic mouse. Microsoft launches a new version of its Surface mouse. Spot the Precision. It is available for $99.99. It will make your clicks more accurate in software such as Microsoft Office Word or Apple’s: Pages. It is rather design and well done. Designed for exceptional accuracy, comfort, and control, the new Surface Precision Mouse helps you stay in your flow with flawless scrolling and three customizable thumb buttons.

More Ways To Multi-Task.
Surface Precision Mouse gives you more multi-tasking power by allowing you to work seamlessly across up to three computers. Supports both Bluetooth and wired USB connections.

Experience a new level of control.
Surface Precision Mouse supports your most detailed projects with carefully calculated weight, stability, and control for easy manipulation.

PROCV recommends Surface Precision.
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